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The world is getting smaller every day and teams from across the world need to get together regularly to talk business. That is why we offer a range of Toll Free numbers, so you can invite your participants to join you at no cost to them.

Country Dial-In Number Price band
aus Australia 55 agorot A
can Canada 55 agorot A
irl Ireland 55 agorot A
isr Israel 55 agorot A
gbr United Kingdom 55 agorot A
usa United States 55 agorot A
dnk Denmark 77 agorot B
fin Finland 77 agorot B
hkg Hong Kong SAR China 77 agorot B
mys Malaysia 77 agorot B
nzl New Zealand 77 agorot B
nor Norway 77 agorot B
sgp Singapore 77 agorot B
swe Sweden 77 agorot B
jpn Japan 99 agorot C
rus Russia 99 agorot C
zaf South Africa 99 agorot C
kor South Korea 99 agorot C
twn Taiwan 99 agorot C
idn Indonesia ₪ 1.37 D
tha Thailand ₪ 1.37 D
chn China ₪ 1.92 E
phl Philippines ₪ 1.92 E
are United Arab Emirates ₪ 2.72 F

Please note that you will be charged for all callers who use this service. For PPM customers, you will be charged from 55 agorot per minute for participants dialling in on the Toll free numbers. For PPC and AYCE customers, you will be charged from 55 agorot per minute for all customers using the Toll free numbers in addition to your Per Conference or Per Month fees.

Please make sure that you have Toll Free numbers activated on your account to use these numbers. You can activate or deactivate the Toll Free numbers within your account (in the PINs and Payment Plan area) once you have registered.

To view the numbers, you need to login to your My Account area:

All Prices are in Israeli Shekel and Exclude VAT

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